Service and Repairs

Replacing Your Bail Handle and Valve Seat on a Ball Valve Nozzle

If it is time to replace your bail handle and valve seat on a ball valve nozzle, here’s how!  Tools Required:   Replacement Kit  Hand Operated Drill or Drill Press  Allen Wrench  Hammer  Seal Pick  Small Punch  Combination Wrench  Procedure:  Note: Some models will require removal of the coupling and others will not. Refer to […]

Replacing or Adding a Pistol Grip to Your Nozzle

If you have a broken pistol grip, need a new color of grip, or would like to add a pistol grip to your nozzle, the procedure is very simple. Follow along with this tutorial! Tools Required:   5/16” Ball End Allen Driver  Pistol Grip Repair Kit  HM692ORG-KIT – Orange  HM692RED-KIT –Red  HM692YEL-KIT – Yellow  HM692WHT-KIT […]

Replacing Your Blitzfire Trip Mechanism

If your Blitzfire no longer holds its open position, it’s likely that your trip mechanism needs to be replaced. This repair can be done fairly quickly with a few tools. Let’s get started!  Tools Required:   X910-KIT: Blitzfire trip mechanism replacement kit  ¾" socket or combination wrench  5/32” Allen Wrench  7/32” Allen Wrench  1/8” Allen […]

Changing the Ball Seat and Clapper Seal on an Oasis Valve

The process for replacing the ball seat and clapper seal on your Oasis Hydrant Assist Valve is easy!   Tools Needed:   1/8” Allen Wrench  3/32” Allen Wrench  5/32” Allen Wrench  Pointed seal pick  1.25” Combination Wrench or Crescent Wrench  Light Grease  Changing the Ball Seat:  Using your 1/8” allen wrench, back out the set […]

Firefighting Nozzle Lubrication Procedures

Some statements in this video are outdated, though the nozzle lubrication procedure stays the same. Kits no longer include flash drives, and you should reference the most recent NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) guidelines for all nozzle testing. Repair times are currently above 24 hours.  When to Perform Field Lubrication of Your Nozzle  This video […]

Dual Pressure Knob Replacement for Dual Force and Mid-Force Nozzles

If the dual pressure knob on your Dual Force or Mid-Force nozzle is missing due to front end damage, or the knob no longer operates properly, replacement is a fairly simple process.   The replacement procedure for the knob is the same on both nozzles. Let’s dive in!   Dual Pressure Knob Replacement Procedure:  Remove the […]

How To: Changing LDH Couplings

This video walks you through how to change LDH couplings including Ball Intake Valves (BIV), Jumbo BIV, Jumbo Siamese, Jumbo Wye, Adapters, Elbows, and Suction Hose. You may do this if your couplings become damaged, or if your department is changing size or threads.  Tools Required:  Bearing strip removal tool  Pointed pick  White or silicone […]