Replacing Your Bail Handle and Valve Seat on a Ball Valve Nozzle

If it is time to replace your bail handle and valve seat on a ball valve nozzle, here’s how! 

Tools Required:  

  • Replacement Kit 

  • Hand Operated Drill or Drill Press 

  • Allen Wrench 

  • Hammer 

  • Seal Pick 

  • Small Punch 

  • Combination Wrench 


Note: Some models will require removal of the coupling and others will not. Refer to your specific instructions for clarity. 

Removing the Coupling: 

  1. Remove the hose gasket and rear seat: Open the valve slightly to allow a gap between the ball and the rear seat. Use the seal pick to hook and remove the gasket and rear seat.  

  1. Using a 1/8” allen wrench, remove the set screw on the coupling 

  1. Place a rag or container underneath the hole from the set screw and rotate the coupling to allow the ball bearings to come out.  

  1. Once all ball bearings are removed the coupling will pull out.  

Removing the Bail Handle and Valve Seat 

  1. Place your valve in the fully open position 

  1. Using the repair mandrel from the kit, insert it into the ball. 

  1. Take your punch and a hammer and drive out the two pins that attach the handle to the trunnion. 

  1. Once those are removed, with the repair mandrel still in, use your 5/16” allen wrench to remove both trunnions.  

  1. Remove the handle, repair mandrel, and ball. Inspect the ball for any damage or gouges. 

  1. Remove the front seat and the Belleville washer using your seal pick 

Installing the Valve Seat and Bail Handle 

  1. Install your new Belleville washer with the concave side going into the nozzle.  

  1. Place the front seat with the concave portion facing the ball or coupling of your nozzle.  

  1. Place a small bit of grease on the seat. 

  1. Reinsert the ball with the threaded holes facing the trunnion holes. 

  1. Reinsert the repair mandrel. 

  1. Put the handle over the valve ensuring that the off position faces the coupling on the end. 

  1. Take the two new trunnions, apply a bit of grease to the O-ring, and apply a liberal amount of red Loctite to the threaded portion. 

  1. While pressing down on the repair mandrel, insert the trunnion into the ball and thread in.  

  1. Repeat steps 7 & 8 on the other side. 

  1. Tighten both trunnions. 

  1. Find the two dimpled indentations on the handle, ensure the bail handle is in the open position and that your repair mandrel is inserted. Drill through these indentations and the trunnions using the #22 bit supplied in your kit. Drill straight through until it comes out on the other side.  

  1. Remove debris from drilling. 

  1. Install the roll pin in the hole you just drilled and drive through with a hammer until flush. 

  1. Remove the repair mandrel and ensure free movement of the handle.  

Reinstalling the Coupling 

  1. Regrease the internal O-ring and outer rim of the coupling and press in. 

  1. Reinstall each ball bearing one at a time. 

  1. Once all ball bearings are installed, apply red Loctite to the set screw and install until flush with the outer body. 

  1. Apply grease to the O-ring on the rear valve seat and with the concave portion facing in toward the ball, press in.  

  1. Reinstall your hose gasket. 

Let the Red Loctite dry for 24 hours prior to flowing this nozzle. 

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