How To: Replacing the Rotation Lock on a Crossfire Monitor

If your Crossfire Monitor is in the lock position and you can still move it on top of your fire truck, it likely needs a new rotation lock. This repair is relatively easy and uses only a few tools.

Tools Needed:  

  • X170-KIT: Crossfire Rotation Lock Insert Kit

  • Flathead screwdriver or pick

Replacing the Crossfire Monitor Rotation Lock: 

  1. Remove your Crossfire Monitor from your apparatus and move it to a stable work surface.

  1. Turn your Crossfire onto its back for better access to the rotation lock.

  1. Using a flathead screwdriver or pick, remove the spiral pin and pull the straight pin out.

  1. Remove the cam-lock and spring, making sure to note the orientation of the spring. Please note, the spring is under tension. Use caution when removing.

  1. Remove the old rotation lock.

  1. Insert your new rotation lock into the hole in the side of the casting.

  1. Reinsert the camlock.

  1. Slide the pin part way through the hole, leaving space for insertion of the spring.

  1. Reinstall the spring with the longer leg toward the pin and the shorter leg up on top. Once slid into the pocket, make sure it is lined up with the hole and push the pin the rest of the way through.

  1. Reinsert the spiral pin.

  1. Verify that the spring works and actuates the lever lock.

  1. Reinstall the Crossfire on your apparatus.

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