Replacing Your Blitzfire Trip Mechanism

If your Blitzfire no longer holds its open position, it’s likely that your trip mechanism needs to be replaced. This repair can be done fairly quickly with a few tools. Let’s get started!

Tools Required:  

  • XX910-KIT: Blitzfire trip mechanism replacement kit

  • ¾” socket or combination wrench

  • 5/32” Allen Wrench

  • 7/32” Allen Wrench

  • 1/8” Allen Wrench

How To Replace Your Blitzfire Trip Mechanism: 

  1. Remove the main lid from the Blitzfire body using 1/8” allen wrench.

  1. On one side you will see an extension spring. Remove this spring and set it to the side.Image 1

  1. Remove the right-side handle using your 7/32” allen wrench. First, undo the upper screws and set these aside for later. Next, remove the lower screw and discard – there is a replacement screw included in the kit. The lower screw has red Loctite and will have some resistance during removal.

  1. Remove the retainer plate from the trip mechanism using your 5/32” allen wrench. Set the retainer plate and screws aside.

  1. In the center of the casting there is a reset spring. Remove this spring and set it aside for reuse later.
    Image 2

  2. Pull the white trip block off by pulling it straight up along the pin. Two Teflon washers will also come with it and can be discarded.

  3. Remove the trip rod and ball.

  1. Lift off the leaf spring. Hold the pin in place and lift the item up and off. Be sure to keep the two pins in place.

  1. Pull the right-side handle off and set it aside.

  1. Take out the detent block. This is held in place by a trunnion – pull it out and the block will come off as well.

  1. Inspect the square plastic insert on your trunnion. Make sure it is not damaged, cracked, or missing. If any damage is found, order a new one before continuing.

  1. Insert the new detent plate. Insert with the flat side against the casting and the detents facing inward. Feed the trunnion back through the valve disc and into the detent plate. Push in until it is flush.

  1. Put the handle back on by sliding it over the trunnion and aligning it to the screw holes. Add red Loctite to the tip of the longer screw and insert it in the lower screw hole. Snug it up but do not tighten fully. Add blue Loctite to the shorter screw and thread it into the top screw hole. Tighten both screws.

  1. Make sure your handle moves smoothly.

  1. Take the trip rod and trip ball and place into the groove as shown. Image 3

  1. Insert the Leaf spring and slide it over the pin against the detent plate. It should slide down and sit.

  1. Insert the trip block. The pressed stainless-steel pin should align with the trip ball. Make sure the trip block moves freely.

  1. Reinsert your reset spring by placing one end over the screw head on the leaf spring and placing the other into the machined groove.

  1. Place the two small Teflon washers on top of the trip block pin.

  1. Pull your trip block back and replace the retainer plate, ensuring the travel stop is not pressing down on top of your trip block.

  1. Using Blue Loctite and your 5/32” allen wrench, reinstall the screws on the retainer plate.

  1. Replace the extension spring by hooking it over the front pin on the housing and then through the hook on the end of the detent block.

  1. Check your work by opening the detent. Tap the side of the casting with a rubber mallet or turn your blitzfire 90 degrees on its axis. Either of these should cause the trip mechanism to engage.

  1. If everything works properly, put blue Loctite into each remaining screw hole, replace the top plate, and using your 1/8” allen wrench insert the screws.

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