How To: Replacing a Blitzfire Elevation Clutch

If you notice that your nozzle does not stay in position on your Blitzfire, that indicates that your clutch needs adjusted or replaced.  

To Adjust:  

Using a ¾" wrench on the nut, tighten it in small increments. If it holds its position after some adjustment, you do not need to replace it. If it will not hold its position, you do need to replace the clutch. 

Tools needed:  

The following is everything you will need for the clutch replacement:  

  • XX830-KIT 

  • ¾" Wrench 

  • 5/32” Allen Wrench 

  • Clean Rag 

Replacement Procedure: 

  1. Remove the adjusting nut from the monitor with your ¾" wrench. 

  1. Remove the screw with your 5/32” allen wrench. 
    As you remove this, pull the entire housing with it. 

  2. If there are any parts left behind remove them as well. 

  3. Clean the work area with a clean rag. 

  1. Put one fiber glass washer in place on the threaded shaft. 

  1. Break the zip tie on the new housing unit and hold everything together. 

  1. Put a small dab of blue Loctite on the thread. 

  1. Line the housing up but do not push housing on. Doing so may lead to misaligned parts. Press on only until the screw seats on the housing. 

  1. Tighten the screw but leave some free movement for lining parts up. 

  1. Place another fiberglass washer on the threaded shaft and tuck it in around the white dirt seal. 

  1. Place the D washer on the threaded shaft and press that in. 

  1. Place the concave side of your remaining washer against the D washer. 

  1. Finger-tighten the nut on your threaded shaft. 

  1. Ensure everything is aligned against the backer plate. 

  1. Snug the screw up to tighten everything down. 

Adjusting the tension on the clutch: 

Once your clutch is replaced, you will need to adjust the tension on the clutch so that it can hold your nozzle in place. 

  1. Use the heaviest nozzle you will typically use on your blitzfire and thread it into place. 

  1. Use your ¾" wrench to snug up the nut. 

  1. Raise the nozzle and make small incremental adjustments of the nut until the nozzle stays in place 

  2. You should begin hearing a clicking sound as you raise your nozzle. This sound is the clutch engaging. 

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