How To: Changing LDH Couplings

This video walks you through how to change LDH couplings including Ball Intake Valves (BIV), Jumbo BIV, Jumbo Siamese, Jumbo Wye, Adapters, Elbows, and Suction Hose. You may do this if your couplings become damaged, or if your department is changing size or threads. 

Tools Required: 

  • Bearing strip removal tool 

  • Pointed pick 

  • White or silicone grease 

How To Change the LDH Coupling 

  1. Remove the rubber port plug using your pointed pick. 

  1. Hook the end of the bearing strip, press down on the end of the tool, and lightly pull.  

  1. Once exposed a couple of inches, use pliers or a rag to grab and slowly pull the ring out. 

  1. Once the bearing strip is removed, the coupling will pop off.  

  1. Remove any pieces left behind.  

  1. A stainless-steel ball is what retains the coupling and keeps it from rotating. If your new coupling rotates and there is a stainless-steel ball, remove that ball and discard it. If the new coupling is a rigid coupling, retain the ball. 

  1. Depending on the type of coupling you had or are installing, you may have a non-full time swivel ring that needs removed or installed during this process.  

  1. If you are going to a smaller size coupling, there may be a mate installed to step down from the larger bearing strip to the smaller. If that is installed and you are going to a larger coupling, remove the mate. 

  1. To install, there is a loaded cup seal and inside is an O-ring. That O-ring always faces down into the coupling. Press it in so that it sits flat and apply grease. 

  1. Make sure the area you are installing the coupling in is wiped clean of any debris. 

  1. If locked out, install the lock out ball.  

  1. If locked out, there is a notch that aligns with that ball. Align and press on squarely.  

  1. Once firmly seated, install the bearing strip. The square end goes in first. You can soak it in hot water prior to installation to make it more pliable.  

  1. Insert the bearing strip into the hole and insert slowly. It will make its way around. Once close, use the end of your strip remove tool to press the rest of the way in.  

  1. Clean the port hole and either insert the port plug or use the sticker to cover the hole.  

Swivel Coupling Tips: 

For swivel couplings, the hooked end of the bearing strip may not be near the port hole. To remove these:  

  1. Remove the rubber port plug  

  1. Locate the end of the bearing strip. You may need to move the coupling to find it.  

  1. Once you have located it, hook the end, and hold the bearing strip still while moving the coupling in the opposite direction.  

  1. Once the strip is exposed, grab it using pliers or a rag and continue rotating coupling to remove the strip. 

  1. Remove the coupling. 

  1. Install your new coupling using the same installation process as used above.