Replacing or Adding a Pistol Grip to Your Nozzle

If you have a broken pistol grip, need a new color of grip, or would like to add a pistol grip to your nozzle, the procedure is very simple. Follow along with this tutorial!

Tools Required:  


  1. Insert the 5/16” Ball End Allen Driver through the open bottom of the pistol grip and into the screw that holds it to the nozzle body. Loosen the screw.

  1. Retain the spacer if you are replacing a broken pistol grip or changing colors of your pistol grip.

  1. If you are adding a pistol grip to a nozzle that did not previously have one, find the appropriate spacer in those provided in the kit. Each spacer has a series model it will fit molded into it.

  1. Place the spacer into the grooves on the top of your new pistol grip.

  1. Install the washer on the bolt provided.

  1. Insert the bolt into the bottom end of the pistol grip.

  1. Apply some red Loctite to the threads of that bolt.

  1. With the pistol grip in the appropriate orientation, tighten it to the nozzle body. If a torque wrench is available, you will want to tighten to no more than 100 inch pounds. Otherwise, hand tighten as tight as you can.

  1. Let the red Loctite dry for 24 hours prior to use.

What if you want to remove the pistol grip completely?  

  1. Follow the procedure above to remove the pistol grip on your nozzle.

  1. Install the appropriate set screw.

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