Dual Pressure Knob Replacement for Dual Force and Mid-Force Nozzles

If the dual pressure knob on your Dual Force or Mid-Force nozzle is missing due to front end damage, or the knob no longer operates properly, replacement is a fairly simple process.

The replacement procedure for the knob is the same on both nozzles. Let’s dive in!

Dual Pressure Knob Replacement Procedure: 

  1. Remove the old knob by applying pressure to the knob in a clockwise manner and inserting an Allen wrench into the small side holes and pressing the spring on each side of the knob.

  1. Pull the knob away from the front of the nozzle.

  1. Once the knob is removed you will see two small O-rings. Remove both O-Rings.

  1. Check your baffle operation to ensure it moves freely.

  1. Install two new O-rings on the two small holes on top and make sure they are properly seated.

  1. Apply a small amount of grease to each O-ring.

  1. Now, find your spring plate and ensure the sticker is installed. If the sticker is not applied to the spring plate, apply it following the instructions provided.

  1. Install the spring plate into your knob by putting the spring tab into the first tab of the knob. Press in.

  1. The knob has two small wings that correspond to notches in the baffle. Line these up and press the knob down.

  1. Turn the knob counterclockwise until it clicks.

  1. Test the knob to ensure it operates properly.

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