How to Install a TFT Parallel Shaft Gearbox

This video and article describe how to change the gearbox assembly on your TFT product. 

Tools Needed: 


  1. Place your valve into the open position. 

  1. Use a 5/16” allen wrench to loosen and remove the bolts on the existing gearbox. 

  1. Remove the gearbox by pulling it upward. 

  1. There is a plastic spacer located underneath the gearbox. This often comes away with the gearbox on removal, but if it did not, use a scraper or other object to remove it. 

  1. While the gear box is off, take a moment to inspect the O-ring located just inside. Make sure it is damage free. 

  1. Take your new gearbox and place it in the open position. 

  1. Ensure the ball inside your valve is still in the fully open position. 

  1. Slide the new gearbox into it’s place. The hex shape at the bottom of the gearbox shaft will align with the hole on the ball valve. 

  1. Place Red Loctite on the new bolts provided and begin installing them on the new gearbox. Do not tighten. 

  1. Using a crisscross pattern, tighten down each bolt so that the gearbox tightens down flat. 

  1. Snug all bolts down. 

  1. Check to make sure the gearbox is working properly and that your valve opens and closes fully.  

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