How To: Replacing a Ball Intake Valve (BIV) Valve Seat

This video walks you through changing the valve seat on your standard or jumbo Ball Intake Valve (BIV). 

Included in Your Kit:  

  • Hose gasket for 5” and 6” 

  • Shut off seat that goes inside the valve 

  • Grease 

Tools Needed: 

  • Hammer 

  • Flat piece of metal or plastic 

How to:  

  1. Take a look at how flush the nut is to the back ring. You will need to remember this to ensure you have reassembled your BIV correctly at the end. 

  1. Use a hammer to drive the nut out of the ring using your flat piece of metal or plastic. This may take some time.  

  1. Finish unscrewing the nut by hand and remove. 

  1. Inspect the nut for scratches, dents, or dings. Set aside. 

  1. Remove the old valve seat. Use a screwdriver or piece of metal.   

  1. Take the new seat and orient correctly. The Stepped side should be away from the ball and the flat side inward, against the ball.  

  1. Push the new seat back into the groove behind the threads. Make sure it is snug inside that groove. Use a screwdriver or similar object to make sure it is positioned properly behind the thread.  

  1. Take a small brush and apply the grease that we supplied with your kit. Apply that to the face of the seat. It will help in reattaching and driving the nut back into place.  

  1. Inspect the ball, especially the raised surface that seals. Make sure there are no pits or deep scratches in the ball.  

  1. Reinstall the nut by screwing it back into place. Use your hammer and flat device to drive it down until it is back to the original position you observed in step one. 

  1. Once that is back in place, this is a good time to replace your hose gasket.