Dual Pressure Knob Replacement for Dual Force and Mid-Force Nozzles

If the dual pressure knob on your Dual Force or Mid-Force nozzle is missing due to front end damage, or the knob no longer operates properly, replacement is a fairly simple process. The replacement procedure for the knob is the same on both nozzles. Let’s dive in! Dual Pressure Knob Replacement Procedure:  Remove the old […]

How To: Changing LDH Couplings

This video walks you through how to change LDH couplings including Ball Intake Valves (BIV), Jumbo BIV, Jumbo Siamese, Jumbo Wye, Adapters, Elbows, and Suction Hose. You may do this if your couplings become damaged, or if your department is changing size or threads.  Tools Required:  Bearing strip removal tool  Pointed pick  White or silicone […]

Tips for Maintaining Your CrewProtect and StationProtect Systems

“Is this going to take a lot of my time?”  We’re sure you’ve asked yourself that question hundreds of times during your life. Everyone knows the feeling of walking into a long meeting or starting a daunting project. At the end of the day, your time is valuable, and you shouldn’t spend too much of […]