How To: Programming the Park Function on TFT Monitors

Programming the Park Function

Programming the park function on your TFT monitor takes only a couple of minutes. Let’s dive in:  

  1. Turn the power off to your TFT monitor. Make sure the green light is no longer on. 

  1. Turn power back on to the monitor. The monitor is fully powered once the green light stops flashing. Remember to begin your park programming within one minute of the flash stopping. 

  1. Press and hold the park button. In the video, this is on the upper right-hand corner of the control box. Once you see the red light flash in the top center, you’re in program mode. 

  1. Now, the monitor needs to find hard stops on the vertical and horizontal axis. Press the vertical or horizontal control button once and release. The red light will flash once it confirms a hard stop. Do this again for the other axis. 

  1. Now, you can move the monitor into the position you would like it stored in after operations. Choose your vertical position and press and release the park button, then choose your horizontal position and press and release the park button. The red light will flash rapidly when these positions are stored. 

  1. After the positions are chosen, press and hold the park button down until the red light goes out. The position is then stored in the memory and will stay even if the truck is powered off or the monitor loses power. 

Running the Park Program 

Press and release the park button. It will find the hard stops, then go into the other two positions that you programmed. 

Helpful Tips:  

When programming sequence, do not end the routine against a hard stop. The electronics have a hard time distinguishing between a park and hard stop location. Instead, choose a park location that is an inch or two away from the hard stops to ensure proper function.