How To: Servicing and Adjusting a TFT Slide Valve

Why Adjust Your Slide Valve? 

There are two reasons you may want to adjust the slide valve on your Task Force Tips nozzle:  

  1. When the nozzle is in the closed position you are still getting water leaking past the valve. 

  1. Cold weather applications where you want to keep some water running through the hose to avoid freezing. 

How to Service and Adjust Your Slide Valve 

Adjusting the slide valve can be done following these steps:  

  1. Take a 3/32 Allen Wrench and unscrew the set screws on either side of the valve body. They do not need to come completely out. This frees up the front end of the nozzle so that it can be completely removed from the back of the nozzle or valve section.  

  1. Inspect the valve seat and plug to ensure there are no dents or dings that may prevent the slide valve from sealing properly.  

  1. Close your slide valve and screw the front-end back in. Make sure you do not cross thread the nozzle. Continue screwing it back in until you feel the plug contact the stainless-steel slider.  

  1. Once you make contact, pull the valve handle open and turn the front end 1/12th of a turn (the equivalent of the white slash on our labels).  

  1. Slide the handle back shut to lock things in place and retighten the two screws on the valve body, alternating back and forth to ensure they tighten evenly. 

Helpful Tips 

During normal operations, the front end is twisted 1/12th of a turn (clockwise) further into the nozzle body.  

For cold weather operations, the front end is twisted 1/12th of a turn (counterclockwise) out of the nozzle body.