How to Install the StationProtect Cartridge System

How do I Replace my StationProtect Cartridge? 

If you’re wondering how difficult or time-consuming it is to replace the cartridge system in your StationProtect, this video is for you! Luckily, replacement is quick and easy.  

  1. Open the back cover by pressing the black button and turning it. 
  2. Open the secondary cover by removing your three thumb screws. 
  3. Insert the four large cartridges by sliding them all the way into the system. 
  4. Insert your prefilter (make sure the flow arrows point up!) to capture large particles like dust and pollen. 
  5. Insert the high-end HEPA cartridge (flow arrows should point up).
  6. Close the secondary cover and replace the three thumb screws. 
  7. Close the back cover, turn the black knob, and push it in.  

That’s it – you’re done! 

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