How to Order the Controls You Need for Your Electronic Flex

Electronic models of Flex come with a variety of controller options. You might be wondering if you’re choosing the right parts and selecting everything you need when ordering. This guide will walk you through different scenarios and what you need to order to get it right. Monitor Mounted Controls Only  If your crew has opted […]

Replacing Your Blitzfire Trip Mechanism

If your Blitzfire no longer holds its open position, it’s likely that your trip mechanism needs to be replaced. This repair can be done fairly quickly with a few tools. Let’s get started!  Tools Required:   X910-KIT: Blitzfire trip mechanism replacement kit  ¾" socket or combination wrench  5/32” Allen Wrench  7/32” Allen Wrench  1/8” Allen […]

RS485 VS CANbus – What Does the Flex Monitor Use?

There’s a good chance you haven’t given much thought to how the electronics in your firefighting equipment work. Once installed, your electric appliances do what you need them to, and you never have to consider how the appliances are communicating with your vehicle and other devices.  Every piece of electronic equipment uses a protocol, or […]

Are Ground Monitors Safe?

12 Questions to Ask About Your Portable Monitor   Are you checking out different portable monitors and trying to choose the best one for your needs? Are you just diving into the world of ground monitors?   If so, you’re probably wondering about safety, personnel requirements, and other elements that can help you make the best choice.   […]

Flex Masterstream Monitor FAQ

Using a proven water path design developed for the Blitzfire portable monitor, we’ve built a fixed monitor with amazing stream reach and the lowest friction loss available from any brand. With fewer bends in the monitor for the water to navigate, Flex delivers safer distances for your apparatus and more water on the fire.  We’ve […]