How Can You Customize Your Flex Monitor?

Have you ever wished that your firefighting monitor or deck gun was easier to spec out? Do you want to customize your setup and have the ability to change it in the future?

Well, you can!

The Flex Monitor gives you options for today and tomorrow. In this article we’re going to go over the choices you have when ordering a Flex and what you can change in the future.

What Can You Specify During Order? 

When you order your Flex, you specify and customize a few different options.

Flow Rate 

With Flex, you can choose a target flow from 1250, 1500, or 2000 GPM (4750, 5700, or 7600 LPM). This lets you pick whatever flow rate is best for your response district or facility. And the best part? You are not locked into that flow rate. You can upgrade in the future if needed.

Manual or Remote-Control  

When you specify your firefighting monitor you will get to choose whether you’d like a manual or remote-control version. Manual versions come with a crank or tiller bar option. If you choose remote-control, by default the electronic controls do not come mounted to the monitor. A separate remote is included. You can add the mounted controls for an additional cost if you would like.

The remote includes an internal rechargeable battery and large tactile buttons that are easy to use with gloves.

Choose Your Color 

Flex has two color options: red and silver. You can choose the color that works best for you. We typically see municipal fire departments choose silver while industrial facilities often favor red.

Flow Rate and Waterway Size 

Flex gives you greater flexibility when choosing flow rate and waterway size. During order, you can choose from two inlet sizes and two outlet sizes. This gives you greater control over your target flows and allows for easier updates and changes in the future.

What Can You Customize After Order? 

Remote Programming 

The buttons on your remote control can be programmed to best suit your needs. The programming is easy to save and share between Flex units, too! Using the SmartPlex App, you can copy and program additional monitors and controllers so that the setup in your department stays uniform.

Hard Stops and Travel Stops 

You can set hard stops and travel stops in two ways.

Your first option is to use the SmartPlex App to program the hard stops for your monitor. The process is simple and can be completed in minutes.

If you don’t like the app option or want to add a backup for your travel stops, you can add them manually with clips placed in the outer ring of the monitor for the horizontal axis, or with stop bolts in the gearbox for the vertical axis.

a Task force tips flows water - the ring at the bottom shows where manual travel stops are controlled   The SmartPlex programming screen for the TFT Flex Deck Gun


If you need to reprogram your travel stops, reconfigure buttons on your remote control, or do updates to your Flex, you can do so through the app. The app interface makes changes and updates easy to save you time.

The app also does over-the-air updates, meaning you do not need to remove any panels, access any electronics, or plug anything into the monitor. Updates are all managed through the app.

The over the air updates screen in the SMartplex app for the flex water monitor

Why Does this Flexibility Matter? 

We know that monitor selection isn’t easy. There are a lot of options on the market and not a lot of customizations and upgrades available.

With Flex, you can easily customize the unit when you order and then make changes in the future if necessary. You aren’t locked in, dealing with sub-par equipment, or facing a costly replacement based on the decision you made a few years ago. With Flex, you can buy confidently knowing that as your needs change, your monitor can too.

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