Five Reasons to Switch to the Flex Fixed Monitor

With so many fixed monitor options on the market, you may be wondering why we created the Flex Fixed Monitor and if it is right for you.  

In this article, we’re going to cover five reasons we built the Flex and why they matter. Let’s dive in and see if the Flex is a good fit for you! 

1. Simplified Installation and Programming 

In today’s world, installing and programming your monitor and its remote control (if you’ve opted for an RC model) shouldn’t be difficult. The Flex design makes installation and programming easy, saving you time and effort.  

Installation follows the same steps as any other monitor on the market. With the app and our SmartPlex system, the technician installing your monitor can follow simple step-by-step instructions to install and program your unit. 

After installation, you can use the app to program your monitor setup and even copy the setup of one Flex monitor to another. The app also lets you control the monitor, set travel stops, and program the remote-control buttons to your needs. 

These installation and programming changes make the process much quicker and easier for you or your apparatus service center. 

Image 1 

2. Lower Friction Loss 

The patented articulating waterway on the Flex is more than just a cool design feature. This unique design minimizes the bends and curves in the appliance, meaning there is less turbulence and friction loss.  

This gives you a more efficient monitor, experiencing as low as 3 PSI of loss at 1250 GPM (4750 LPM), 4 PSI loss at 1500 GPM (5700 LPM), and 8 PSI of loss at 2000 GPM (7600 LPM)!  

If you’re concerned about a new waterway design, you can rest easy knowing that this waterway design has been used successfully on the Blitzfire and Hemisphere portable monitor for years! The design has proven itself to be durable and reliable through extreme fire ground and weather conditions. 

3. Improved Software and Electronics 

Keeping your monitor software up to date is easier with Flex. Improved technology allows for over-the-air updates that don’t require you to access any components inside the monitor. All updates will be easy to execute using the free SmartPlex App! 

Image 2 

Along with the app, we took the time to upgrade the electronics and improve the housing they’re held in. An electronics potting process and inclusion of an internal, rechargeable battery ensures that your electronic components are more protected than ever before. This upgrade brings even more reliability to your monitor and lessens the chances of electronic damage over time.  

4. App Integration 

Image 3    Image 4    Image 5 

Apps are everywhere now, and the fire service is not an exception. Flex has a free app designed to help you install, program, and update your monitor. Our goal is to make each step as easy as possible to save you and your crew time.  

The app is free to download in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. It uses a Bluetooth connection to connect with the monitor. Using the app, you can program your remote-control buttons, set hard travel stops, conduct updates, and so much more! 

5. Easy Selection Process 

Flex combines the popular features of our Hurricane, Typhoon, and Monsoon monitor series. This is to make selection easier for you without losing any features of these monitor designs.  






Flow Rates GPM 

1250, 1500, 2000  



1250, 2000 

Flow Rates LPM 

4750, 5700, 7600 



4750, 7600 

Stow Height 

16.66” (423mm) 

16.3” (414mm) 

19” (484mm) 

19.6” (498mm) 

Swing Radius 

6” (153mm) 

Manual: 12.3” (312mm)  
RC: 11.3” (288mm) 

9.1” (232mm)  


Cost in USD 

Manual: $5,800 
RC: $11,801 

$2,400 – $11,000 


$3,900 – $12,000 

App Availability 






One of the highlights of Flex is its compact size. It fits in virtually any space, including those our other monitors or competitor’s monitors do. The 6” (153mm) swing radius and 16.66” (423mm) stow height makes Flex an easy choice for compact spaces and aerial operations. 


The design of flex and its upgraded electronics and app features are built for you. Simple, efficient, and ready for the future of firefighting.  

Do you have another question about Flex or our firefighting monitors? Check out our FAQ article to see if we’ve answered in there! You can also visit the Flex series page for more information.