How to Order the Controls You Need for Your Electronic Flex

Electronic models of Flex come with a variety of controller options. You might be wondering if you’re choosing the right parts and selecting everything you need when ordering. This guide will walk you through different scenarios and what you need to order to get it right.

Monitor Mounted Controls Only 

If your crew has opted for an electronically controlled Flex model but only needs controls on the monitor base, you will want to order YC-RM, the Monitor Mounted Operator Station.

These controls mount directly on the stationary base of your Flex monitor.


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Monitor Mounted and Pump Panel Mounted Controls 

To have controls on both your monitor and the pump panel, you will need to purchase two separate controllers. One is the monitor mounted controller, and the other is made for the pump panel itself.

SKU: YC-RM (Monitor Mount) & YC-RP (Pump Panel Mount) 

Image 2Image 3

Pump Panel Mounted Controls  

To control your Flex from the pump panel only, you will need to purchase YC-RP. This is our Pump Mounted Operator Station that provides the same control options as the Monitor Mounted Operator Station.


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Wireless Remote Control Only 

If you need a wireless handheld controller, order YC-RF-24. This is a Wireless Operator Station and the Dock that will charge the enclosed battery. You will also need to purchase YC-RF-RAD-24, the Wireless Operator Station Antenna.

SKU: YC-RF-24 and YC-RF-RAD-24 

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Wireless Remote and Monitor Mounted Controls 

For this combination, you will want to purchase YC-RFRM and YC-RF-24. YC-RFRM is a kit that includes the Wireless Operator Station Antenna, a required spacing block, and the Monitor Mounted Operator Station. YC-RF-24 will provide the Wireless Operator Station and docking station for the wireless control option.

SKU: YC-RFRM and YC-RF-24 

Image 7Image 8

Wireless Remote and Pump Panel Controls 

If you need both a wireless operator station and panel mounted controls, you will need to order the pump panel controls as well as the wireless operator sets listed above.

SKU: YC-RP (Pump Panel Mounted Controls), YC-RF-24 (Wireless Remote), and YC-RF-RAD24 (Wireless Operator Antenna) 

Image 9Image 10Image 11


Flex also has a Toggle Switch Operator Station (YC-TS) and a Tethered Operator Station with /dock (YC-CT-30). The tethered station has a 30-foot tether. Both of these options can be incorporated into your chosen controls if needed.

Toggle Switch SKU: YC-TS 

Image 12 

Tethered Station SKU: YC-CT-30 

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Getting the right controls for your electric Flex is key to operating it how you wish. After checking this guide, you should be able to order with confidence. If you still need assistance, please reach out to our team!