How Much Does the Flex Master Stream Monitor Cost?

The Flex fixed monitor is our newest release, combining the benefits of our Hurricane, Typhoon, and Monsoon deck guns into a single compact option.  

You can select from various flow ratings, expect low friction loss, and enjoy a 6” swing radius. One of the biggest questions you probably have is “What does the Flex cost?”  

In this article we will explore the initial cost of Flex, the cost of ownership, and some comparisons to other monitors on the market.  

What is the Initial Cost of Flex? 

Flex Cost 

The initial cost of Flex varies depending on the model you choose.  

A manual model with cranks costs roughly $5,800 USD. 

The remote-controlled option costs around $11,801 and includes all the features of the manual model, plus added electronic components to allow for remote control.  

Your total cost may vary based on the options you choose and accessories you purchase with your monitor. For example, if you add an Extend-A-Gun or additional control panels, you will see an increase in cost. 

You should also factor in the costs of whichever master stream nozzle you choose to use with your model if you do not already have one.  

New Apparatus Costs 

If you recently specified a monitor for a new apparatus and would like to change to the Flex monitor, you may see a fee from your OEM or distributor for the change order. This fee varies, so it is best to check with your sales representative to understand how much that fee will amount to. 

In-Service Apparatus 

If your apparatus is in-service and you decide to change your monitor, you will see costs for removal of the old monitor and installation of the new one. Depending on the condition of your old monitor, you could install it on another apparatus, sell it, or dispose of it. 

Cost of Ownership 

Every deck gun you own has a cost of ownership. The Flex is no different and will be comparable to your other fixed monitors.  

Regular maintenance and inspection of the monitor should be completed to ensure it is in safe working order. If there is any damage or maintenance needed that falls outside of warranty coverage, you may see costs associated with the repair.  

Flex comes with a free app and wireless, over-the-air update capability. This means all updates will be handled through the app and will only cost the time it takes for your crew to ensure they are complete.  


The Flex monitor comes with a 5-year warranty for mechanical components and a two-year warranty for electrical components. For full details, consult the owner's manual

Your monitor will also receive the same level of service and support from our team that you’ve come to expect. You can find educational resources, contact us for help, talk with service, or send units in for repair if needed. 

How Much do Other Monitors Cost? 

The Flex is comparable in cost to similar monitors from TFT and competitors. Let’s see a comparison of the Flex’s cost in USD compared to the models it is replacing: 


Flex: The Flex monitor costs roughly $5,800 for a manual model and $11,801 for an electronic, remote-controlled model. 


Image 1 

Hurricane: The Hurricane is available at 1250 GPM (4500 LPM) and costs around $2400-$2700 for a manual model. RC versions cost around $10,966. 


Image 2 

Typhoon: The Typhoon is available at 1500 GPM (6000 LPM) and came as an option for aerial ladders or pumpers. Both versions cost around $11,295. 


Image 3 

Monsoon: The Monsoon is available in 1250 or 2000 GPM (4750 or 7600 LPM) versions and experienced friction loss as low as 15 PSI. It was a popular option for aerial ladders, aerial platforms, and pumpers. Manual versions could range from roughly $3,900 – $5,525. RC versions cost roughly $11,800. 


Image 4 



The costs in this article are the TFT List price. We can’t confirm end user cost as this varies based on the dealer or apparatus builder you are working with.  

Explore your options further by exploring the Flex Series page or finding a dealer