Flex Masterstream Monitor FAQ

Using a proven water path design developed for the Blitzfire portable monitor, we’ve built a fixed monitor with amazing stream reach and the lowest friction loss available from any brand. With fewer bends in the monitor for the water to navigate, Flex delivers safer distances for your apparatus and more water on the fire.

We’ve gotten a few questions while the product was in development, so here are answers to some of the most common.

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What can the Flex Fire Monitor Flow? 

Flex offers a wide range of custom configurations ranging from 1250-2000 GPM (4750-7600 l/min) for both pumpers and aerials.

What is the Friction Loss? 

You can expect low friction loss with Flex:

  • 3 PSI at 1250 GPM (4750 LPM)
  • 4 PSI at 1500 GPM (5700 LPM)
  • 8 PSI at 2000 GPM (7600 LPM)

Why is Having Fewer Bends and Curves Important? 

Removing the bends and dramatic curves in the fixed monitor lessens friction loss! The path for water flow is smoother, therefore creating less turbulence. This improves your stream quality.

Will Dirt and Ice in the Knuckles Break the Monitor or Impact its Functionality? 

You should take care to clean your monitor and inspect it for damage regularly, but we’ve tested Flex to ensure the knuckles can withstand dirt and grime, ice, and other fire ground hazards. The waterway knuckle segments are a tried-and-true design that has performed very well on both the Blitzfire and Hemisphere portable monitors for years.

How Big is the Flex? Will it Work for My Apparatus? 

With an impressive 16” (406 mm) stow height and 6” (152 mm) swing radius you have the flexibility to install your Flex in almost any location depending on your application. Your Flex can be placed in the dunnage, on an aerial ladder, on the back of the body, and in any other location you need master stream water delivery capabilities.

Can I Use a Stream Straightener? Do I Need One? 

As with all monitors that use stacked tips, the stream straightener will generally improve the flow characteristics, but it is not needed for use.

Which Nozzles are Compatible? 

You can use any of our master stream nozzles, including smooth bores with the Vortex, for more versatility!

Why is the Controller Different? 

The controller has been completely redesigned for a better experience and greater flexibility. Changes include:

  • Easily programmable buttons that allow you to choose what each button does
  • Improved button feedback to enhance the experience while wearing gloves
  • Enhanced protection of electronic components to minimize your need for service
  • Handheld controller use of a docking station that secures the controller and charges the battery

What is the Range for Vertical and Horizontal Travel? 

Flex has 165 degrees of vertical travel from 120 degrees above horizontal to 45 degrees below horizontal. Flex’s horizontal travel (without stops) is 225 degrees left and right which is 445 degrees total.

Is there an App? 

Yes! With the app you can wirelessly pair and program Flex and other connected TFT products such as VUMs and Extend-A-Guns. You also have access to videos and manuals and can program the handheld controller.

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