How to Order the Controls You Need for Your Electronic Flex

Electronic models of Flex come with a variety of controller options. You might be wondering if you’re choosing the right parts and selecting everything you need when ordering. This guide will walk you through different scenarios and what you need to order to get it right. Monitor Mounted Controls Only  If your crew has opted […]

Replacing Your Bail Handle and Valve Seat on a Ball Valve Nozzle

If it is time to replace your bail handle and valve seat on a ball valve nozzle, here’s how!  Tools Required:   Replacement Kit  Hand Operated Drill or Drill Press  Allen Wrench  Hammer  Seal Pick  Small Punch  Combination Wrench  Procedure:  Note: Some models will require removal of the coupling and others will not. Refer to […]

90-Degree Swiveling Hydrant Valve Use, Installation, and Maintenance

The 90-Degree Swiveling Hydrant Valve, or Swiveling Standpipe, can be installed on a wet pipe or dry pipe system. The valve rotates a full 360-degrees allowing you a simple connection to your hose. Operation works with a slow close valve mechanism for simplicity and control.   With this piece of firefighting equipment, you can easily […]

Hydrant Under Monitor (HUM) Use, Installation, and Maintenance

A hydrant under monitor or HUM is a water distribution manifold that can be mounted on a wet or dry fire protection riser. The HUM allows you to simultaneously or individually control water supply to a high-volume STORZ connection, gated wye, and fire protection monitor.  Separate valves control your water main and monitor for maximum […]

Differences in Firefighting Valves: Siamese, Gated Wye, Water Thief

On the fire ground, firefighters use a lot of different equipment to move and control water. One vital piece of their water flow equipment is the different types of valves they use. If you’ve heard firefighters talk about a siamese, gated wye, manifold, or water thief, you might have wondered what they are and what […]