How to Replace Your STORZ Locking Levers

If the STORZ locking lever on your STORZ coupling is damaged or missing, replacement is an easy process.

You can order a Lever Lock Kit for LDH hardware which will include everything you need to complete this process.

Replacing Storz Locking Levers 

  1. Insert the spring into your new locking lever ensuring that you have everything facing the correct direction.
    Image 1

  2. Add the lock installation device by placing it through the hole in your locking lever and sliding the post over the top. Slip the long leg of your spring under the post. Image 2

  3. Remove the old lock from your coupling.

  4. Slide the new lock on by lining it up on the post and sliding it down.

  1. Check that it springs back into place and does not fall off.

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