Building a Water Delivery System: Hose and Nozzle Compatibility

  When making the push, you know your hose and nozzle need to complement each other. So, what are hose manufacturers and nozzle manufacturers seeing in today’s purchasing environment?  We talked with Joey Hayes of Key Hose about current trends and how to make the best hose and nozzle package for your needs.    Joey […]

What Solution Does TFT Have for Electric Vehicle Fires?

According to the International Energy Agency, the sales of Electric Vehicles doubled in 2021 compared to 2020 even amid the pandemic and global supply chain issues. This dramatic and consistent rise of EV’s around the world has made a new challenge for firefighters.   How do we safely and effectively mitigate EV fires?  Today we […]

What is the Vortex?

When we talk about the Vortex, we often hear these three questions:  What is a vortex?   What benefits does it give you on the fire ground?   Can you use it with any smooth bore?  Let’s dive in and get the answer to each one!  What is the Vortex?  A Vortex is an everyday 1 3/8” ball […]

What is Included in the Task Force Tips High Rise Kit?

“We are a combination department with a growing commercial area, including hotels and a new 6-story hospital. We are newer to the high-rise world and are wondering if you offer any solutions for high-rise ops.”   We offer a High-Rise Kit that includes many of the items you need for standpipe operations.  TFT’s High-Rise Kit  Our […]

Will CrewProtect Work in Your Type 3 Wildland Engine?

Forest fires are long and dangerous ordeals that are made worse by the contaminants that can affect your crew. Your crew is exposed to volatile organic compounds (VOCs), particulates, soot, smoke, and a variety of other contaminants during and after the fire.   Looking for more information on air contamination? A CrewProtect can help mitigate these […]

Why do You Need an Intake Valve?

“Do I need an intake valve on my pump's inlet connection?”   One of the main reasons you want an intake valve on your apparatus is to gain control over water entering your pump. This is true for municipal and rural fire departments.   Let’s look at considerations for each side.   Municipal Departments  As a municipal department, […]