What is Included in the Task Force Tips High Rise Kit?

“We are a combination department with a growing commercial area, including hotels and a new 6-story hospital. We are newer to the high-rise world and are wondering if you offer any solutions for high-rise ops.”  

We offer a High-Rise Kit that includes many of the items you need for standpipe operations. 

TFT’s High-Rise Kit 

Our high-rise or standpipe kit can be customized to meet the needs of your response district and its challenges.  

Each kit includes: 

  • Standpipe elbow with integrated valve and pressure gauge 

  • 2 spanner wrenches 

  • 1.5” X 2.5” (38 mm X 64 mm) Increaser 

  • 2.5” X 1.5” (64 mm X 38 mm) Decreaser 

  • Heavy Duty Bag 

Standpipe Elbow with Integrated Valve and Pressure Gauge 

This unique single-piece elbow with integrated valve and pressure gauge allows you to connect to any class 1 or class 3 standpipe. This single piece allows you to connect to the standpipe as quickly as possible, without fussing over multiple pieces. This saves you valuable time on the fire ground. 

The elbow with integrated valve also allows 360-degree rotation for ease of use.  

Explore our High-Rise Kit here. 

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