What Solution Does TFT Have for Electric Vehicle Fires?

According to the International Energy Agency, the sales of Electric Vehicles doubled in 2021 compared to 2020 even amid the pandemic and global supply chain issues. This dramatic and consistent rise of EV’s around the world has made a new challenge for firefighters.  

How do we safely and effectively mitigate EV fires? 

Today we will talk about resources to guide your decisions and a new EV nozzle kit that will allow you to safely cool the entire battery pan with water until the battery thermal runaway is stabilized or the vehicle can be towed away. 

Finding Emergency Response Guidelines for Electric Vehicle Fires 

On their website, the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) has a complete listing of Emergency Response Guidelines (ERGs) for every Electric Vehicle Manufacturer. Accessing this library is valuable, and after reviewing most of the firefighting sections of each ERG, two things are consistent:  

  • Do not pierce or further damage the battery storage compartment.  

  • Use copious amounts of water. 

Effective EV Firefighting 

Vehicle fires may present themselves in a convenient location such as a parking lot, but many times, it does not play out like that, and vehicle fires are found on an active roadway. How do you effectively cool the battery pan, from a safe distance, and not run out of water while fighting this fire before you can access a hydrant or call for a water supply relay? 

Transformer EV Nozzle System 

All these challenges can be solved with the new Transformer EV Nozzle System. It is a nozzle system that includes four 19” (.5 meter) extension tubes that serve as a water way, one gateable shut off valve, and a manifold block with a distributor nozzle. These elements can all be pre-assembled and stored on the truck or quickly assembled at the scene within one minute.  

The overall length is right around 7 feet (2.2 meters), so your department can approach and keep a safe distance while sliding the EV nozzle under the vehicle to cool the battery pan. The gateable shut-off slide valve allows you to deliver up to 150 GPM (570 LPM) or anything below while maintaining your water supply until you connect to a hydrant or set up a water supply relay. 

Difficult Access Solutions 

What if the vehicle is not on all four wheels or in another compromised position?  

The Transformer EV Nozzle System can be changed to different lengths or angled positions on the fly to meet the needs of the incident at hand, no matter the challenge. Lastly, the price point doesn't require you to plan a year in advance to budget when you have an immediate need. 

Are you prepared for an electric vehicle fire? Claim your copy of our 2023 State of Electric Vehicle Firefighting Here!