Can a SHO-FLOW Bluetooth Flow Meter be Used on a Fire Hydrant?

“Can the Sho-Flow flow meter be used to determine flows on a fire hydrant? We’re looking for something to replace a pitot gauge when testing hydrant flows. Will it still need a diffusing device on the end?” 

Can the SHO-FLOW be Used on a Hydrant? 

Short answer – yes! 

The Sho-Flow flow meter can be used to determine the flows from a fire hydrant. Keep in mind that the Sho-Flow currently has a flow capacity of 1250 GPM (5000 LPM). This may or not meet your needs depending on the water supply and fire hydrants in your response district. 


One benefit of the Sho-Flow app is your ability to see flow rates in real time during testing. There are other benefits to using the app, though! 

 At the end of your testing, the app will tell you your total flow in gallons or liters during the test. This is useful for reporting and record keeping at your department. 

Will it Need a Diffusion Device? 

Yes. A diffuser will safely redirect the water to prevent water damage and erosion in the surrounding area. You should always use a diffusion device on hydrants during testing with the Sho-Flow. 

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