Does TFT Make Metal Nozzle Handles?

“Does Task Force Tips still make metal handles?” 

Are you wondering if we still make metal handles for our nozzles? Are you curious why we switched to the nylon option we currently have? This Ask TFT episode is perfect for you!  

Why Did TFT Stop Making Metal Handles? 

When we first joined the nozzle game in the 1970s, we did use metal handles. We found that over time, these handles were prone to permanent damage that deformed the handle and would put the nozzle completely out of service. This was common considering the regular use and abuse a hose line nozzle sees.  

What Are TFT Handles Made from Now? 

Now, our nozzles are made from Zytel® which is a form of nylon. These handles are still strong but have flexibility that the metal handles did not. This allows them to take the abuse that a nozzle sees on the front line without getting permanently deformed. In fact, we have seen them run over and continue working without a hitch!  

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