Will Your BIV Fit Behind a Roll Up Door?

Our Jumbo Low Profile Ball Intake Valve is a great option for fire departments searching for a high-capacity intake valve.

Large Flow Capacity 

The Jumbo Low Profile Ball Intake Valve has a 5.25” waterway which gives you high flow with minimal friction loss whether you are operating from a draft or pressurized water source.

Swivel Detent Elbow 

The swiveling detent elbow allows you to rotate your intake valve 360-degrees. This lets you put the valve into the position that best meets your needs. This feature allows you to:

  • Simplify LDH connections

  • Optimize connection direction to keep roadways clear

  • Allow LDH to work and twist itself out when you pressurize the line

  • Store easily behind a roll up door

Roll Up Doors 

Many fire apparatus now have roll up doors to protect equipment. Finding an intake valve that can fit behind those doors can be tricky.

Our Jumbo Low Profile Ball Intake Valve has a swiveling elbow that allows you to store the intake valve in a truly low-profile manner. This makes it more likely to fit behind your roll up door.

Remote Control Options 

Some departments opt for a manual intake valve, and it works very well for departments that wish to do so. The example in this video features an electric option. This allows operators to control the valve from the pump panel using the control pad.

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