What is the Vortex?

When we talk about the Vortex, we often hear these three questions:

  • What is a vortex?
  • What benefits does it give you on the fire ground?
  • Can you use it with any smooth bore?

Let’s dive in and get the answer to each one!

What is the Vortex? 

A Vortex is an everyday 1 3/8” ball valve shut off with a built-in ring and six durable, aluminum fins on the inside of the waterway. These fins allow you to switch from a solid stream to a narrow broken stream without the loss of flow rate that happens when you gate your nozzle.

How Does This Benefit You on the Fire Ground?

You can still carry out the flow and move tactics like you could with any smooth bore, but now, by switching to a broken stream, you can do exposure protection, gas cooling, car fires, dumpster fires, void spaces, salvage and overhaul, and even hydraulic ventilation.

Most importantly, you accomplish all of this without losing your flow rate.

You can also use Vortex with an inline foam eductor, on board foam system, or CAFS. This means your smooth bore becomes compatible with some foam applications.

Can You Use Vortex with Any Smooth Bore? 

You can use Vortex with any smooth bore size that pairs with a 1 3/8” or 2 ½” hose line. You can even use another brand of smooth bore!

Check out the Vortex here and if you are ready to test one out, request a demo with this link!