The Four Best TFT Monitors for Industrial Facilities 

A flex monitor flows water on the left hand side of the image next to a manufacturing facility. On the right half of the image a birds eye view of an oil refinery. Text says 4 best TFT monitors for Industrial Facilities

When it comes to safeguarding industrial facilities and petrochemical refineries, having the right firefighting equipment is non-negotiable. In these crucial spaces of industry and innovation, having the perfect ally is paramount.  

We believe our monitors are the best on the market, and we’ve created a list of the four monitors we recommend for industrial facilities.  

Below we’ll give a brief overview of each monitor, highlight some of their benefits, and explain why they work so well for industrial facilities. 

Flex Masterstream Monitor 

Flex is the newest monitor from us, and it packs quite a punch! Rated for flows up to 2000 GPM or 7600 LPM, you can customize the unit to fit your unique needs. With a patented articulating waterway, Flex features low friction loss and smooth waterway movement. The low friction loss makes this monitor the perfect application for industrial aerials and platforms. 

You can also buy Flex with a variety of controls including manual, tiller bar, or remote control. A free app pushes updates and allows for programming and monitor control if needed.  

This monitor also has updated electronics that are sealed using a potting process that further protects critical components from water damage. 

Flex Features and Benefits

  • Compact size perfect for mounting on your quick attack vehicles or super manifolds 
  • Programmable hard stops and manual hard stop options 
  • Friction loss as low as 3 PSI at 1250 GPM (0.3 bar at 4750 LPM), 4 PSI at 1500 GPM (0.4 bar at 5700 LPM), and 8 PSI at 2000 GPM (0.75 bar at 7600 LPM)
  • Vertical Range: 45 degrees below horizontal to 30 degrees past vertical 
  • RC Model Horizontal Range: 225 degrees left and right of the straight-ahead reference mark without travel stops installed  
  • Manual Model Horizontal Range: continuous 360-degree horizontal without travel stops installed 

Flex is unique for its low friction loss and control options, but its rugged build and flexibility in use allows it to meet your needs even in harsh industrial conditions.  

Hemisphere Transportable Monitor 

Looking for something that can be mounted or portable? The Hemisphere monitor is your answer!  
This unique monitor lets you deliver up to 500 GPM (2000 LPM) in spaces other monitors just can’t reach. A variety of mounting methods allow you to clamp this unit to an I-beam, tank lip, truck hitch, parking bollard, and many other places. 

The Hemisphere’s waterway also gives you water in virtually any direction and can even flow upside down! 

Hemisphere Features and Benefits

  • Main Waterway Rotation of 360-degrees while flowing
  • Multiple mounting options including an I-beam Clamp, Hitch Mount, Tank Lip Clamp, Parallel Bar Clamp, Flex Clamp for round objects, and a Fixed Mount 
  • Does not rely on gravity for stability like other portable monitors 

The Hemisphere’s variety of mounts and flexibility allow it to be used in small or awkward spaces to deliver water where you need it most. Its ability to be moved and repositioned, mounted in a multitude of spaces, and wide rotational range might make it a great option for your facility. 


If all you’re looking for is a no-fuss fixed station monitor, the Protector is a proven winner in the industrial space.  

With flows of up to 1250 GPM (4800 LPM) while maintaining a full 360-degree rotational ability, this monitor has excellent coverage and lets you move water right where you need it most. Plus, the monitor is easy to maintain. An automatic drain valve comes attached to a port and ensures that your monitor is completely drained following use to minimize susceptibility to corrosion and freezing water. 

Protector Features and Benefits

  • Full 360-degree rotational ability 
  • Optional integrated shut off valve eliminates the need to add a valve to monitor installation 
  • Vertical Range: 70-degrees below horizontal to 80-degrees above horizontal 
  • Rotation lock prevents unintended movement 

The Protector may not be the flashiest monitor on the market, but it gets the job done. Designed to require minimal maintenance, the Protector works well as an outdoor fixed station monitor, or indoors for places where you need a reliable, manually operated monitor. 


With manual and remote-controlled versions, the Monsoon is our last recommendation for industrial facilities.  

These monitors feature fewer bends and turns in the waterway, leading to low friction loss and an effective stream. Adjustable travel stops and a large vertical and horizontal range make this monitor an excellent choice for quick attack vehicles. 

Monsoon Features and Benefits

  • Vertical Range: 45 degrees below horizontal to 90 degrees above horizontal 
  • Manual Horizontal range: 360 degrees continuous horizontal rotation 
  • RC Horizontal Range: 450 degrees total or 225 degrees from either side of the straight-ahead position 

Low friction loss and the range of movement means the Monsoon monitor can get the job done. It’s common to see two Monsoon monitors mounted on quick attack vehicles for fast water delivery. 

If your industrial facility is looking for the right water flow solutions, chat with us!