Transportable Fire Monitor


HEMISPHERE™ Transportable Monitor

About the HEMISPHERE™ Series

Have you ever needed to deliver a high flow rate in a space your portable monitor just couldn’t reach? The Hemisphere is a unique firefighting monitor that can be used with a variety of clamps and mounts to flow up to 500 GPM (2000 LPM) in spaces your other monitors just can’t reach.

What is the Hemisphere? 

This versatile, lightweight, and easy to deploy water monitor is transportable. While portable monitors are restricted to ground operations, Hemisphere does not rely on gravity for stability, making it possible to clamp the unit to an I-beam, attach it to a hitch mount, or use another one of our mounting accessories to flow where you need it most.  

Water Flow in Any Direction 

The Hemisphere features a rotating, pivoting waterway that allows your stream to be directed in virtually any direction within a hemispherical range without interrupting water flow. The main waterway can rotate a full 360-degrees while flowing. 


To help you flow in new ways, Hemisphere has a variety of available clamps and mounting accessories, including:  

  • I-beam clamp that doubles as a 2” (51 mm) receiver hitch mount 
  • Hitch mount to convert a common vehicle or ATV into a firefighting apparatus 
  • Tank Lip Clamp for petrochemical storage tanks 
  • Parallel Bar Clamp for handrails in a staircase 
  • Flex Clamp for any round object between 3” (76 mm) and 24” (601 mm) in diameter such as a parking bollard or piping