Protector Fixed Monitors


Maintain FULL 360° Rotational Ability

About the Protector Fixed Monitors

Does your industrial facility need a fixed station monitor that requires minimal maintenance while offering reliable water flow right where you need it? With the Protector monitor you can deliver high flows with low friction loss and easy maintenance. 

What is the Protector Industrial Firefighting Monitor?  

The Protector is a fixed station monitor that lets you flow up to 1250 GPM (4800 LPM) while maintaining a full 360-degree rotational ability. These features let you move the water you need right where you need it most. 

Optional Shut Off Valve 

Looking for an easy shutoff valve solution? Your Protector can come with a shutoff valve that eliminates your need to add a valve to your monitor installation.  

The built-in valve is simple to control. The flow is “off” when the valve handle is horizontal and “on” when the handle is vertical.  

Automatic Drain Valve 

An automatic drain valve comes attached to a port located just above the valve seat and/or lower seal. This drain valve ensures your monitor is completely drained following use to minimize susceptibility to corrosion and freezing water.  

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