Monsoon Fixed Monitors


Low Friction Loss Master Stream Monitor

About the Monsoon Fixed Monitors

Are you looking for low friction loss for your high-capacity fixed monitor? Monsoon gives you flows of up to 1250 GPM (4750 LPM) or 2000 GPM (7600 LPM) with minimal friction loss.  

What is Monsoon? 

Monsoon is a fixed monitor available in manual and electronically controlled models. Versions are available specifically for ladder and platform mounted operations. The unique patented waterway is segmented for low friction loss, giving you far-reaching master stream flows. 

Low Friction Loss 

The patented waterway on the Monsoon is segmented. This creates fewer turns as the water travels through the monitor, minimizing friction loss. At flows of 1250 GPM (4750 LPM), the RC Monsoon can experience friction loss as low as 6 PSI!  

Available Models 

Monsoon comes in a variety of options to best fit your needs. Choose from manual options with a handwheel control or tiller bar, or RC versions specifically built for your pumper or aerial apparatus. 

Range of Movement 

Monsoon can travel vertically and horizontally with some differences depending on the model you choose.  

Vertical Travel 

Both manual and electronic Monsoon Monitors can travel 90 degrees above horizontal to 45 degrees below zero. This elevation range can be limited as needed by installing the supplied stop bolts and adjustment disks at specified locations. 

Horizontal Travel 

Horizontal travel varies depending on the Monsoon model you choose.  

Manual Versions 

Manual Monsoon models have a continuous 360-degree travel rotation. 

Motorized Versions 

The motorized version is limited to 450 degrees total horizontal travel, or 225 degrees from either side of a straight-ahead position. Rotation travel stop bolts may be installed to limit travel.  

Electric remote-control models are available in a standard model, suitable for the top of your pumper. A ladder model and platform model are also available. The ladder and platform models have a smaller swing radius and horizontal travel stops factory installed at 90 degrees left and 90 degrees right (180 degrees total).