FLEX™ Fixed Monitor
1250, 1500, & 2000 GPM (4750, 5700, & 7600 LPM) FIREFIGHTING DECK GUN


A Compact and Efficient Masterstream Monitor

About the FLEX™ Fixed Monitor

Are you dealing with a bulky, inefficient, and difficult to upgrade deck gun? The Flex is your compact and lightweight solution. The articulating waterway minimizes bends and turbulence, giving you low friction loss through your appliance.

What is the Flex Fixed Monitor? 

The Flex is a fixed firefighting masterstream monitor with three flow options to choose from. Choose your monitor to flow up to 1250 GPM (4750 LPM), 1500 GPM (5700 LPM) or 2000 GPM (7600 LPM). The appliance features a patented articulating waterway with low friction loss, a compact size, and customizable features. 

Manual, remote control, and tiller models are available.

Articulating Waterway 

Our patented waterway eliminates excessive curves and bends while giving you total control of your water stream. This allows for smooth movement of your waterway and keeps your stream pattern tight and controlled. 

The design also creates less friction loss – 3 PSI at 1250 GPM (4750 LPM), 4 PSI at 1500 GPM (5700 LPM), and 8 PSI at 2000 GPM (7600 LPM)! 

Compact Size with Big Flow

Flex easily fits in the dunnage, on an aerial ladder or platform, or the back of the body. With a 16″ stow height and 6″ swing radius, it fits where competitive models can’t. Plus, it’s compatible with 3″ and 4″ waterways and Extend-A-Gun extendable waterways!

Configurable to Your Needs

When you specify your Flex monitor, you can choose manual options with crank placement, remote versions, and flow rating

Your Flex can be customized through manual and app-based features! 

  • Set RC button functions 
  • Program hard stops 
  • Set manual hard stops

Easy to Program, Use, and Service

A free app allows easy programming for your needs and makes pairing with other RC devices a breeze. You can custom program controller buttons, hard stops, and park.

Controllers have customizable buttons for specific operations. Programming can be saved for multiple installations or future unit installation. 

The app also allows for simple diagnostics, troubleshooting, and program updates without removing hardware. Flex also comes with CAN-bus J1939 protocol, making it easier to install on your apparatus.

More RC Options

Flex allows you to control your RC monitor four ways. Control your monitor with a panel mount, handheld controller, direct mount, or mobile app!

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