What is the difference between blue and red on your Mid-Force firefighting nozzle?

The MID-FORCE Nozzle is an automatic flow, dual pressure fire nozzle with a switch on the baffle that moves it from red mode to blue mode. In this video, Brian "Pods" Podsiadlik explains what this switch does, what red and blue means, and gives examples of when you might use each mode.

What is the MID-FORCE Nozzle?

With the MID-FORCE Nozzle, you get a dual-pressure automatic firefighting nozzle that allows you to switch between high pressure and low pressure modes. The blue mode is either 100 PSI or 75 PSI, depending on the model you have. When you switch the baffle into red mode, you  move into a low pressure mode at either 55 PSI or 45 PSI, depending on your model. 

Blue on the Outside, Red on the Inside

Blue mode will give you the most reach and impact force at a given flow rate or pump discharge pressure. This is good for a strong defensive attack, exposure protection, or hitting a second or third story window. 

Red mode gives you a high GPM with low nozzle pressure. This means there is less nozzle reaction and easier managability on the hose line. This is ideal for an aggressive interior firefighting attack.

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