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About the BLITZFIRE® Portable Monitors

Launching a fire ground attack safely and with limited personnel can be difficult. With BlitzFire, you can launch that initial attack at almost any angle with a single firefighter and hose line.

What is BlitzFire? 

The BlitzFire is a portable water monitor that allows your crew to flow up to 500 GPM (2000 LPM) in an attended or unattended manner. The exclusive safety shutoff valve protects your crew, while the range of attack angles gives your team options on the fire ground.

Fire Ground Safety  

The exclusive safety shutoff valve reduces risk from an out-of-control appliance. If the monitor becomes unstable, the safety shutoff valve activates. This limits the movement of the monitor and minimizes the effect of water hammer.  

Each Blitzfire also comes with heavy-duty carbide tipped folding legs and an anchor strap for added safety and stability.

A Wide Range of Attack Angles 

Whether your crew needs to attack through the front door, hit the attic, or something in-between, the BlitzFire has you covered.  

The Standard BlitzFire unit is manually adjustable between 10 and 46-degrees above horizontal. The High Elevation model allows your crew to adjust between 10 and 86-degrees above horizontal. Both versions can operate at these angles assisted or unassisted making them perfect for exposure protection, transitional attack, interior attack, or coordinating ventilation with hose line operations. 

For added functionality, you can add oscillation to your Standard or High Elevation BlitzFire. Oscillation uses a water-driven turbine to automatically sweep the nozzle 20, 30, or 40 total degrees. The oscillating mechanism can be disengaged for manual horizontal movement. 

Versatility for Your Crew

Adjust Your Flow
An exclusive slide valve provides you with complete flow control. The integrated stream shaper and slide valve with six detent positions gives you quality and control over the water stream. 

Foam Compatible
Keep safety and attack top of mind while you deliver foam. BlitzFire can be used with your eductor, on-board foam system, or a compressed air foam system. 

Mounting and Storage
You can mount your BlitzFire to any accessible vertical or horizontal surface on your rig or store it in a compartment for quick access. Our storage bracket is constructed of stainless steel and can be mounted for rapid deployment of a pre-connected unit. 

Available Nozzle Pairings

  • Standard
  • Low-Pressure
  • Dual-Pressure Automatic
  • Fixed Gallonage
  • Stacked Tips
  • Foam Tubes

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All Weather Nozzle Covers are designed to protect your BLITZFIRE while allowing easy access when you’re on the job. Covers withstand extreme weather conditions and each is manufactured in the USA. 

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