Product Spotlight: Meet the Flex Masterstream Monitor

If you are looking for flexibility and efficiency in your fixed monitor, the Flex monitor has you covered.  

Flex is a compact and efficient deck mounted masterstream monitor that can flow 1250 – 2000 GPM (4750 – 7600 LPM). The unique articulating waterway provides you with outstanding stream quality and minimal friction loss for better reach and impact.  

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Flex Specifications: 

  • 1250, 1500, or 2000 GPM (4750, 5700, or 7600 LPM) flow rate options 

  • 6” swing radius for flexibility of placement in your dunnage or aerial ladder 

  • Manual, Tiller, and RC versions with the flexibility to change if needed 

  • Installation on new or in-service vehicles 

  • Equipped with absolute positioning 

Unique Waterway Design 

One of the unique features of the Flex monitor is the limited number of bends and curves in the waterway. In a traditional fixed monitor, the water is forced to navigate multiple bends, increasing turbulence and friction loss. This friction loss adds stress to your pump and lowers your stream velocity on exit. Flex limits this issue by making the waterway as straightforward as possible using a waterway design that is already successful with our Hemisphere and Blitzfire portable monitors! 

This waterway design allows Flex to have friction loss as low as: 

  • 3 PSI at 1250 GPM (4750 LPM)

  • 4 PSI at 1500 GPM (5700 LPM)

  • 8 PSI at 2000 GPM (7600 LPM)

Choose Your Flow Rate 

The Flex gives you flow rates from 1250 – 2000 GPM (4750 – 7600 LPM). This gives you the ability to pick your flow and keep the compact size and unique features.  

Compact Size 

If you need a compact monitor to fit in your dunnage, aerial ladder, or anywhere else, Flex is your answer. Flex features a 16” stow height and 6” swing radius making it easy to fit in tight spaces.

Do More with SmartPlex

Flex is the first TFT monitor to include an app capable of programming and updating the unit. 


With the SmartPlex app, you can program your monitor, copy programming from one monitor and program another with it, set hard stops, and program your controller buttons. The app simplifies the process and means you do not need to rely on flashing lights or external drives for initial setup or changes to your monitor.  


Software updates for Flex are managed through the app, making the update process easier than ever before. Your crew only needs to open the app, check for updates, and choose when to push them. No fussing at the monitor or opening it up needed. 

A New Controller Design 

RC versions of Flex bring a new controller design to your hands. Fully programmable, the new controller allows you to decide what each button should be programmed to do. Programming takes minutes and does not require you to remove panels or access any electronic components. 

Inside, the electronics are fully enclosed and insulated from water and impact. 


Flex comes with a few upgradable features for the future.

Flex comes with upgradable features: 

  • Alter flow ratings with quick and simple modifications 

  • Reprogram hard stops and positioning in app 

  • Program controller buttons in app at any time