TFT Products for Forestry and Wildland Firefighting 

It’s no secret that the global firefighting community is battling increasingly intense wildfire activity. According to World Resources Institute, forest fires are becoming more widespread, with 2021 being “one of the worst years for forest fires since the turn of the century.”  

While these changing conditions may not affect many urban fire departments, for rural, government, or supporting departments of wildland areas, there may be a shift in focus over the next few years to learn and deploy additional wildland gear. 

While we here at TFT cannot help you with your wildland pumps or Type 3 vehicle needs like Waterax or your truck builder, we can help you get prepared with fixed and loose equipment. 

Here are the TFT products we recommend for your wildland response: 

Twister Nozzles

Twister’s barrel nozzle option is ideal for forestry firefighting and wildland firefighting needs. These specific models are designed to meet the requirements of USFS 5100-239 and flow 10 and 24 GPM (37 & 90 LPM) at 100 PSI (7 bar).  

These lightweight nozzles easily move through flow patterns with a twist of the barrel. Positions include off, low flow straight stream, low flow narrow fog, high flow straight stream, and a high flow fog pattern. Additionally, they are foam solution compatible if you need to deliver a Class A wetting agent.  

1″ (25 mm) and 1.5″ (38 mm) Bubblecup

Bubblecup is a lightweight nozzle that pairs well with your hose reel or smaller hose line. These nozzles can flow water in a straight stream or wide fog pattern and produce aspirated finished foam thanks to the unique sleeve on the nozzle bumper.  

These nozzles come in dual gallonage or single flow options, operate at 100 PSI (7 bar), and are compatible with Class A foam solutions. Electric remote options are also available for pairing with your monitor. 

Forestry Hose Clamps

If you need to temporarily shut down the flow of water through your 1” (25 mm) or 1.5” (38 mm) forestry hose, you will need a hose clamp. Our clamps are intended for use with your single jacket canvas, rubber, or synthetic jacketed hose. 

Each clamp is self-locking and will remain locked until released without causing permanent damage to approved hose types. Clamps are approved for use with water pressure up to 300 PSI or 20 bar. 

Gated Wye and Tee Valves

Gated wyes and tee valves help you manage your water flow effectively. Our forestry valves are made with a cast aluminum body and hard coat anodized for durability.  

Our gated wyes give you an option of short or long valve handles.  

EF 1 and Tornado

If you need a reliable bumper turret for your wildland firefighting vehicle, the EF1 or Tornado might just meet your needs.  

A Task Force Tips EF1 monitor flows water from the bumper of a firefighting vehicle

The EF1 is compact and remote-controlled. Measuring just 12.6” (319 mm) high and 6.1” (155 mm) deep, the unit fits neatly on most front bumpers. Capable of flows from 10 GPM – 200 GPM (37 – 757 LPM) and complete with powder coated and hard coat anodized waterways, the unit is ready for harsh conditions. The electric drives and control interface are protected from water and dust with a sealed, low-profile box.  

The Tornado offers many of the same benefits as the EF1 in a slightly larger package. The monitor can flow up to 500 GPM (1900 LPM).  

A TAsk Force Tips Tornado monitor flows water from the front bumper of a white wildland firefighting vehicle

Both monitors pair with various nozzles and can be controlled inside the cab for safe, effective water delivery. 


A crewprotect 100 and CrewProtect 50 sit side by side against a white background

While your goal is to put out the fire, the health of your crew is of the utmost importance. CrewProtect can be used in your vehicle to capture smoke, soot, particulates, VOCs, and aerosols, reducing the overall saturation of these contaminants in the cab. 

Available in multiple sizes, CrewProtect fits in even your most compact vehicle and automatically runs when the vehicle is running, removing the need for anyone to turn it on.