EF1 Series


EF1™ RC Monitors


EF1 Series

Remote-Controlled Firefighting Monitors

About EF1™ RC Monitors

What is the EF1 Monitor? 

The EF1 is a compact remote-controlled monitor measuring just 12.6” (319 mm) high and 6.1” (155 mm) deep. Capable of flows from 10 GPM – 200 GPM (37 – 757 LPM), the EF1 is an ideal bumper turret for wildland and interface apparatus.  

Off-Road Ready 

Your forestry and wildland terrain can be tough to get through. The EF1 is built to withstand harsh conditions. The monitor is hard coat anodized inside and outside for durability. The electric drives and control interface are protected from water and dust with a sealed, low-profile box.  

Are you searching for an efficient remote-controlled bumper turret? Does your wildland or interface apparatus need a compact monitor? The EF1 is a great solution. 

Easy Installation 

Wiring for the EF1 is reduced to a minimum and the one-plug connection makes installation simple for you.  

When you choose your monitor, you can choose from a variety of inlets and outlets to meet your needs.

Quick connect couplings are also available.  

Travel Ranges 

Your EF1 RC monitor can travel 135-degrees left and right of center for a total of 270-degrees of horizontal range.  

You can also move 45-degrees below center and 90-degrees above center for a total of 135-degrees of vertical travel. 

Vertical travel stops are cast into the elbow and cannot be adjusted. Horizontal travel stops can be adjusted by placing provided travel stops into the coupling track of the monitor.