Tornado Fixed Monitors


370° Horizontal Rotational Travel

About the Tornado Fixed Monitors

Do you need a reliable bumper turret for your wildland firefighting scenes? Are you an industrial facility searching for a monitor that can stand up to harsh conditions? The Tornado Fixed Monitor is the solution you’re looking for.  

What is the Tornado Firefighting Monitor? 

The Tornado is a firefighting monitor capable of flowing up to 500 GPM (1900 LPM). The compact monitor is ideal for use as a bumper turret and comes in models ideal for industrial firefighting. Models have also been used at mining facilities, for airplane deicing, and as an urban firefighting monitor. 

Range of Travel 

The Tornado gives you a wide range of travel for your firefighting operations:  

  • 370-degree horizontal rotation on manual and RC models 
  • User-installed travel stops can limit travel to 180-degrees 
  • Elevate 90-degrees above horizontal to 45-degrees below 

Control Options 

Choose the controls that work best for you and your firefighting needs. Tornado comes in manual or RC control options. RC models can choose from various RC controllers: 

Pump Panel Monitor Display

Handheld Controller with 30-foot tether

Wireless Handheld Controller

In-Cab Joystick Control

Easy Installation 

Installation uses waterproof plugs throughout to make connections quick and secure. Quick connect inlets allow for easy removal if necessary. 

Tornado at Industrial Facilities 

Our Tornado RC compact Industrial Monitor is designed for fire and industrial applications.  

  • 500 GPM (1900 LPM) 
  • Maximum horizontal range of 340-degrees 
  • Adjustable travel stops to customize your horizontal range of motion 
  • Certified to ingress protection IP66/67 to limit dust and moisture penetration into electronics, ball races, and gears 
  • Heavy-duty seals and O-rings to limit dust and moisture penetration, especially for mining and road construction applications