Modernizing Refineries: Fire Suppression and Environmental Compliance

In an era of increasing environmental consciousness, petrochemical refineries across the globe are upgrading their processes and production units to meet new environmental standards. As the demand for cleaner and greener energy rises, the need for refinery modernization becomes more pressing.   However, this trend towards sustainable practices brings challenges for fire personnel who protect these […]

5 Intake Valve Considerations for Industrial Facilities and Refineries

Industrial facilities and refineries have a unique set of needs when it comes to water flow. For you, fire suppression means using a high volume of water to mitigate damage and minimize loss. The intake valves you use need to be reliable and ready to be an intake or discharge as they’re used on apparatus, […]

Three TFT Tools for Your Hot Work Fire Suppression

If your facility issues Hot Work permits, it is imperative that you have the right tools on hand for incipient fire suppression.  Find 16 Considerations for Your Hot Work Prevention Program Here.  Below are three tools from Task Force Tips that we recommend adding to your standard tool kit for incipient fire suppression whenever Hot […]