Three TFT Tools for Your Hot Work Fire Suppression

If your facility issues Hot Work permits, it is imperative that you have the right tools on hand for incipient fire suppression.

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Below are three tools from Task Force Tips that we recommend adding to your standard tool kit for incipient fire suppression whenever Hot Work permits are issued:

The PRO/pak Foam Injection and Application System 

The PRO/pak is a great Hot Work companion for incipient fire suppression.

The PRO/pak has everything you need for quick foam deployment in a single unit. This system allows you to apply Class A, AFFF, SFFF, or Alcohol Resistant foam concentrates quickly and easily.

PRO/pak connects to the end of a 1” or 1.5” (25 or 38mm) hose line and operates at a wide range of inlet pressures making it versatile and simple for your crew to deploy.  The unit’s unique features include:

  • 2.5-gallon (9.5 l) foam reservoir with a large, easy-open fill port
  • Built-in eductor that can be set to your needed proportioning ratio
  • Injection ratios from 0.1% to 6%
  • Three quick connect nozzles – straight stream, low expansion foam, and medium expansion foam
  • Easy to flush system

The Hemisphere Transportable Fire Water Monitor 

This water application tool has great temporary mounting flexibility, allowing you, your fire watch, or other crew members to mount the unit virtually anywhere using brackets and clamps.

This versatile, lightweight, and quick to deploy portable monitor gives your team the ability to quickly establish water flow in locations that ground monitors cannot. Since the Hemisphere doesn’t rely on gravity for stability, it can be pointed horizontal and down, in addition to up, unlike portable ground monitors. The rotating, swiveling waterway allows the stream to be pointed in virtually any direction, within a hemispherical range, without interrupting water flow.

A variety of mounts, including an I-beam clamp that doubles as a 2” hitch mount, a dedicated hitch mount, and fixed mounts, provide you with the ability to quickly attach the monitor and establish coverage on the fire ground or in preplanned locations.

The Twister Dual Gallonage Nozzle  

The Twister nozzle has two flow settings of 20 and 95 GPM at 100 psi (75 and 360 LPM at 7 bar). This pistol grip nozzle is rugged, made with lightweight materials, and hard coat anodized for durability.

Designed for simplicity and durability, the Twister nozzle’s rubber bumper provides you with a positive grip and protects the front end from damage. Twisting the shaper from the off position produces the following settings: low flow straight stream, low flow narrow fog, high flow straight stream, and high flow fog. These settings give you the flexibility you need for the scenario you face.


Minimizing risk with Hot Work is valuable but can never remove all risks entirely. You need to have the right tools in the event of fire. The three tools above are a great start and can improve outcomes when paired with the proper training and procedures.

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