Flex Masterstream Monitor FAQ

Using a proven water path design developed for the Blitzfire portable monitor, we’ve built a fixed monitor with amazing stream reach and the lowest friction loss available from any brand. With fewer bends in the monitor for the water to navigate, Flex delivers safer distances for your apparatus and more water on the fire.  We’ve […]

11 Common Questions about SHO-GAUGE Water Pressure Gauges

Is a Bluetooth pressure gauge necessary? How do I even use a Bluetooth gauge? Won’t the gauge need calibrated all the time?  If you have questions about the SHO-GAUGE Bluetooth water pressure gauge, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 11 of the most common questions we receive about them:  SHO-GAUGE FAQ  Why do […]

Your 9 Most Common Questions About CrewProtect Air Decontamination Systems

  You care about protecting your crew, from the time they enter the station until they leave to go home to their families. You also know that air contamination is a major threat to firefighters, contributing to a host of diseases, cancers, and health concerns. The good news is that you can protect your crew […]

9 Common Questions, If You’re Considering an Automatic Firefighting Nozzle

Automatic nozzles are a relatively new technology to the firefighting scene, compared to traditional fixed flow or selectable nozzles. You’ve probably heard at least one of the following about automatic nozzles… “You can’t tell what you’re flowing, if you’re using an automatic nozzle.” “Automatic nozzles need calibrated and it’s a PITA to make sure they’re […]