11 Common Questions about SHO-GAUGE Water Pressure Gauges

Is a Bluetooth pressure gauge necessary? How do I even use a Bluetooth gauge? Won’t the gauge need calibrated all the time? 

If you have questions about the SHO-GAUGE Bluetooth water pressure gauge, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 11 of the most common questions we receive about them: 


Why do I need a SHO-GAUGE? 

A Bluetooth water pressure gauge can make testing and training easier for you and your crew! With SHO-GAUGE, you simply connect the gauge, flow water, and get real-time pressure readings without trying to count the tick marks on a typical needle gauge. 

During training, you can double check your crew’s calculations, correct errors, and understand your pump discharge pressure (PDP) and friction loss. At the end of the day, SHO-GAUGE is a great way to make testing and training a little easier for your crew.  

Why wouldn’t I just use an analog gauge? 

Analog gauges inevitably have some flaws that you might deal with. To read the gauge, you need to be close to it. With SHO-GAUGE, whoever connects to the Bluetooth connection can see the pressure readings in real time, even if they aren’t next to the gauge. With Bluetooth, you can move around 40 feet away from the pressure gauge!

Since the readings appear on your device, you also eliminate your risk of misreading the gauge face, dealing with fog and condensation, or cracking the gauge face during use. 

How does SHO-GAUGE make the power it needs for Bluetooth? 

The SHO-GAUGE uses a CR123A primary battery that is fully enclosed under the cap where the gauge face would traditionally be. This battery supplies the necessary power to supply a Bluetooth connection and enables you to connect to the device before you begin flowing water. 

How long will the battery last? 

Battery life depends on how often you use your SHO-GAUGE pressure gauge. Smaller departments that do not use the device often will see the longest battery life, while larger departments that use the device regularly can expect a shorter battery life. A training facility with heavy use will have the shortest battery life due to the amount of usage. Under average use, we expect the battery to last one year. 

Where do I put SHO-GAUGE in my waterflow setup? 

SHO-GAUGE is available in a 1.5” (38 mm) and 2.5” (65 mm) model that can be used in-line on properly sized couplings. A stand-alone unit with ¼" NPT threads is also available, so it can be installed in the pressure port of any appliance. 

Does SHO-GAUGE ever need calibrated? 

The device comes fully calibrated from the manufacturer and does not require calibration once received. If you would like to double check the calibration or believe it is no longer accurate, you can easily calibrate the unit in the field or during training through the app. 

Is it hard to calibrate? 

Not at all! You can calibrate the device using the app and a hand-held pitot: 

  1. Open the SHO-GAUGE app 

  2. Connect to your gauge 

  3. Click the Menu button on the top left 

  4. Select “calibration” from the menu 

  5. Follow the on-screen directions to complete calibration 

How accurate is the device? 

We know that accuracy is important to properly set your PDP and train your crew. SHO-GAUGE is accurate +/-2.5% full scale. 

Do I need a smart phone to use it?  

To use the app and connect via Bluetooth you will need an Apple or Android smart device capable of downloading the app. 

Does the app cost money?  

The SHO-GAUGE app is free to download and use on any Apple or Android smart device. 

Download on Google Play or the Apple App Store here. 

Can more than one device connect at once? 

Currently, only one device can connect to the Bluetooth connection. It connects instantaneously and keeps continuous connection with or without flowing water.   

Now that you know the answers to some of the most common questions we see about the SHO-GAUGE, continue exploring here