Product Spotlight: Meet the Flex Masterstream Monitor

If you are looking for flexibility and efficiency in your fixed monitor, the Flex monitor has you covered.   Flex is a compact and efficient deck mounted masterstream monitor that can flow 1250 – 2000 GPM (4750 – 7600 LPM). The unique articulating waterway provides you with outstanding stream quality and minimal friction loss for better […]

When to Consider a Straight Intake Valve Vs an Elbow Intake

When you’re evaluating intake valves, you will need to decide if you want or need a straight intake valve or one with an elbow. Making this decision could depend on your department's preferences, the size of your pump panel, or the sources your department depends on for water supply.  This article dives into a few […]

What is an Intake Valve?

Have you ever wondered about the differences in types of intake valves? Ball intake valves (BIVs), piston intake valves, butterfly/wafer style intake valves – what does it all mean? What are the differences in how they work?  In this article we’re going to talk about the purpose of an intake valve and walk you through […]

Will CrewProtect Work in Your Type 3 Wildland Engine?

Forest fires are long and dangerous ordeals that are made worse by the contaminants that can affect your crew. Your crew is exposed to volatile organic compounds (VOCs), particulates, soot, smoke, and a variety of other contaminants during and after the fire.   Looking for more information on air contamination? A CrewProtect can help mitigate these […]

Why do You Need an Intake Valve?

“Do I need an intake valve on my pump's inlet connection?”   One of the main reasons you want an intake valve on your apparatus is to gain control over water entering your pump. This is true for municipal and rural fire departments.   Let’s look at considerations for each side.   Municipal Departments  As a municipal department, […]