Blitzforce Portable Monitors

Are you searching for a compact and easy to maneuver portable monitor? BlitzForce is your solution. 


What is BlitzForce? 

BlitzForce is an efficient, compact, and easy to maneuver portable monitor capable of flowing 500 GPM (2000 LPM). An integrated stream shaper gives you excellent reach and performance on the fire ground. 

Efficient Operations 

BlitzForce brings efficiency and safety to your operations on the fire ground: 

Stream Range: 

  • 40 total degrees of horizontal range, 20 degrees left and right of center 
  • 30 – 60 degree unassisted vertical range 
  • 20 – 60 degree assisted vertical range 

Safety Features: 

  • High-strength tie-down strap 
  • Carbide tipped folding legs 
  • Included knee pads on folding legs 
  • Full-time swiveling inlet 

Mounting Option: 

Your BlitzForce can be mounted in a pre-connected state on a truck-mounted storage bracket for quick and effective initial attack. 


Your BlitzForce includes a corrosion resistant and powder-coated finish for durability over time.