How Does a Firefighting Foam Eductor Work?

How Does a Firefighting Foam Eductor Work?

In-line foam eductors work on the Venturi Principle. This principle uses extreme pressure loss inside the eductor to allow foam concentrate to flow up a pickup tube and into your water stream to create foam solution.

How to Make the Best Quality Firefighting Foam

  1. Establish 200 PSI at the inlet of the eductor.

  2. Ensure the nozzle you are using is rated at the same GPM as the eductor. If you are using an automatic nozzle, you won't need to worry about this as the automatic will adjust.

  3. Ensure that the nozzle is all the way open when in use.

  4. A lower pressure nozzle will produce the best quality finished foam.

  5. Factor in friction loss.

  6. A foam attachment will enhance foam quality because it entrains air.

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