Foam Eductors



Use with your Class A, Class B, & AR-AFFF Firefighting Foams

About the Foam Eductors

When you need a blanket of high-quality firefighting foam, you need reliable and easy-to-use equipment. Our foam eductors accurately proportion your foam concentrate at the selected setting, letting you focus on application and safety.  

What is a Firefighting Foam Eductor?  

An eductor is a piece of equipment that introduces foam concentrate into your water stream. In the device, water enters an inlet and moves through a tapered section. It then moves through a small orifice and into a bigger chamber to create a low-pressure area within the large chamber. A metering valve opens and the higher atmospheric pressure outside of the large chamber pushes your concentrate into the chamber. This concentrate then mixes with the water exiting from the lower pressure area, or Venturi.  

Once your water and concentrate mix, it is considered a foam solution. This solution then travels out of the tapered section at the end of your eductor for discharge.  

How Does an In-Line Foam Eductor Work?

Features of TFT Foam Eductors:  

  • Metering head with easy-to read Knob for use with Class A, B, and AR-AFFF concentrates  
  • Metering selection lets you choose the proportioning rate percentage  
  • Easy-to-use back flush push-button for fast and easy cleaning on scene  
  • Large controls that are easy for you to use with gloves  
  • Hardcoat anodized aluminum for durability and corrosion protection  

Available Models:  

125 Eductor Series  

  • Standard inlet pressure 200 psi (13.8 bar)  
  • 60, 95, or 125 GPM (225, 263, or 475 LPM) models  
  • .25%, .5%, 1%, 3%, and 6% proportioning settings  
  • Compatible with multiple concentrates
  • Pickup hose options:
    • Extra-large 36” pickup hose with stainless steel wand  
    • Direct truck connect pickup hose  

250 Eductor Series  

  • Inlet pressure of 200 psi (14 bar)   
  • Operates at 250 GPM (946 LPM)   
  • .5%, 1%, 3%, and 6% proportioning settings  
  • Compatible with Class A and Class B concentrates 

350 Eductor Series  

  • Inlet pressure of 200 psi (14 bar)  
  • Operates at 350 GPM (1324 LPM)  
  • .5%, 1%, 3%, and 6% proportioning settings  
  • Compatible with multiple concentrates

High-Viscosity Foam Concentrate Solutions  

A large, 8’ (2.4 meter) industrial grade UV resistant pickup hose is available for your high-viscosity foam concentrates.  

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