Are you trying to get quality finished foam during foam operations? Looking for the right attachment for your nozzle? The FoamJet series can help you aerate foam for a higher quality foam blanket. 

What is FoamJet? 

FoamJet is a series of foam aspirating attachments for your firefighting operations. These lightweight attachments help you produce low- or medium-expansion firefighting foam on the fire ground with your handline or monitor nozzle. 

Each attachment connects to your nozzle by fitting over the rubber bumper. Once seated, you press the levers down to secure your attachment. Some FoamJet attachments may connect by another method – be sure to familiarize yourself with your model prior to use! 

Available Models 


  • Low Expansion Aspirating Attachment 
  • For use in straight stream only 
  • Can reach expansion rations of 6:1 when used with AFFF and Class A Foams 


  • Low expansion aspirating attachment  
  • For use in straight stream only 


  • Multi-expansion foam aspirating attachment 
  • For use in straight stream through fog patterns 
  • Fog provides more expansion and shorter reach while straight stream provides longer reach and less expansion.
A firefighter uses firefighting foam.

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