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About the Ball Intake Valves (BIVs)

What is a firefighting intake valve?

Ball intake valves are a basic piece of firefighting equipment. These appliances provide a path for water as it moves from your water source — a firefighting apparatus, hydrant, or alternative water supply — to your pump’s intake. You need high flow, minimal maintenance, and low friction loss to get the job done — and our BIVs provide it.

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A BIV that Meets Your Needs 

Shrinking pump panels and changing needs on the fire ground are your reality. You need an intake valve that fits, stays in service, and can move a lot of water.  

Our ball intake valves do just that and are configurable, corrosion resistant, and offer high flow with low friction loss.  

Hundreds of Configuration Options 

You can customize your BIV to fit virtually any pump panel, even those behind a roll-up door! 

  • Low profile options for your tight pump panels 
  • Remote controlled and manual versions available to suit your needs and preferences 
  • Different coupling types and sizes to fit your apparatus or industrial setting 
  • Hand crank and wheel placement choices for manual versions 

A Corrosion Resistant Intake Valve 

Your BIV needs to meet the demands of the job. Our intake valves are constructed of hard coat anodized and powder-coated aluminum alloy.  

Inside, the aluminum alloy half-moon valve has a coating for added corrosion protection. The hose couplings and truck connections are attached to the valve using polymer bearing rings which means less galvanic corrosion over time. 

All these features mean fewer repairs and less down time for your crew! 

Unique Valve Design 

When you need high flow, your waterway needs to be fully unobstructed. Our half-moon valve swings completely out of the way for high flow. When the valve is closed, water stays on the truck side, keeping your valve dry when not in use.

If you need the flexibility to make hose connections in virtually any direction, our BIV is the answer. Our 30-degree intake elbow swivels 360 degrees to make connections possible with minimal hose kinking.

Please note:  When using the filters to search for a product, Side A refers to the truck side of the valve and Side B refers to the LDH side of the valve.